What is "Pattern" Bluestone?

"Pattern" bluestone gets its name from how it is most often used... laid out in a pattern to make a patio or sidewalk.  This stone comes in squares and rectangles and is most commonly laid in a bed of sand or cement.  It is sold by the square foot and arrives banded on a pallet.  

Pattern Bluestone has a "Natural Cleft" finish.  This finish is created by large pieces of bluestone being split by hand with a chisel on the natural seams within the rock.  As the bluestone splits into individual pieces on those seams, it reveals the swirls and eddies occuring naturally within. This provides a natural finish that works best with a rustic design aesthetic.  If a smoother finish is desired, "Thermal" bluestone is a better choice.

"Premium Blue" Pattern Bluestone

"Premium Blue" bluestone is the steel blue range that represents what most people think of when they they think of Pennsylvania and New York bluestone.  This is still a natural product, so there will still be color variation ...but the variation will all be in the blue range.  

Due to the hand-sorting needed to assemble pallets of bluestone in this singular color range, "Premium Blue" bluestone has a higher price point than "Full Color Range" Bluestone

"Full Color Range" Pattern Bluestone

Pennsylvania and New York bluestone naturally comes in many color variations depending on the quarry it came from, and which layer of stone was being harvested at the time.  

Shades of grey, green, black, and brown are most commonly seen.  A pallet of full color range bluestone will sometimes include pieces that fall within the premium blue color range.  Bluestone is a natural product, and the variety that nature provides is part of what makes it so beautiful.