What is "Standup Bluestone" ?

"Standup" bluestone (AKA Broken Flag) gets its name from the way that the bluestone is shipped... standing up on pallets. 

Standup is sold by weight, not by square foot.  Covereage of a single pallet varies greatly depending on the thickness of the bluestone and the artistic preferences of the masonary professional who installs the bluestone. 

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How is Standup Bluestone used?

Standup bluestone is most commonly laid in a bed of sand or concrete to create patios and sidewalks.  Each piece is a different size and shape, but thicknesses are within a standard range.  The pieces are fitted together on site to produce a very rugged, natural look.

What is the finish like?

Standup Bluestone has a natural cleft finish, and tends to be more rugged than pattern bluestone.  Each piece was split from larger pieces of bluestone along the seams that naturally occur within the rock.     As the bluestone splits into individual pieces on those seams, it reveals the natural cleft and grain that makes bluestone unique.  Each piece has its own character and ensures that your guests know you aren't imitating bluestone, you got the real thing! 

This finish works best with a rustic design aesthetic.  (Picture a log cabin reached by walking a winding path through an ancient forest... )

 If a smooth finish is desired, "Thermal" bluestone is a better choice.