What is the finish like?

"Thermal" refers to the finish of this type of bluestone.  Heat is applied by hand to the surface of the stone, causing some of the irregularities to be removed.  "Pattern" refers to the way this stone is most often used... laid out in a pattern to make a patio or sidewalk.  "Thermal Pattern Bluestone" is smoother than regular pattern (natural cleft) but still has a finish that will not be slippery when wet.  It gives a modern, sleek vibe to your outdoor space. 

Why choose "Thermalled" pattern bluestone or bluestone treads?

"Thermal Bluestone" has tighter sizing tolerances than standard "natural cleft" bluestone.  The sizing from piece to piece will vary less than natural cleft.  "Thermal Bluestone " and "Bluestone Treads" have a smoother texture due to the hand application of high heat to remove variations found naturally in the surface of the stone.

What are "Treads"?

The surface that you step on (tread on) when you climb a set of bluestone stairs are called "treads"  They are most often sold in 1" and 1.5" thicknesses but custom dimensions can be ordered.