Nothing matches the beauty and durability of natural stone

Bluestone - A wholesaler of PA and NY bluestone

We work with more than 50 bluestone quarries to find exactly the stone you're looking for.  

Bluestone / Flagstone Products

"Pattern" Bluestone - Premium Blue

For a clean, modern look choose Premium Blue.  While the color will vary slightly from piece to piece, this product contains the classic blue shades that Bluestone is famous for

"Pattern" Bluestone - Full color range

Not all bluestone is blue!  Some call it "flagstone" but for a rustic, natural look choose full color range  bluestone.  Blue, brown, green, black and other shades between... all of nature's finest on display.  Because this is a natural product, exact colors vary depending on which quarry mined the bluestone, and which layer the stone came from. 

"Thermal Pattern" Bluestone

When consistent dimensions and smooth texture are your preference, choose Thermal Pattern Bluestone.  

Bluestone Treads

Bluestone Treads have the same smooth finish as Thermal Pattern, and are machine cut to ensure consistent dimensions.  Hand chiseled edges are available for an upcharge. 2" thick is standard, but custom thicknesses are available

Standup Bluestone / Broken Flagstone

These large, randomly broken slabs of Bluestone are perfect for patios, walkways or pool decks where a natural look is desired.  Masonry professionals will custom break the larger bluestone pieces to custom fit your space.  

Custom Orders

When you want something unique, we can help.  Call to explain what you need and we'll work with our many quarry partners to find exactly what you need.

About Us

Family Owned and Operated for more than 70 Years

Bluestone Direct is the website for Tri-County Quarries, which has been selling bluestone in Vestal, NY since the early 1940's.  You can count on us to help you find exactly the stone that you're looking for. 


Each pallet of natural bluestone sold is hand selected from one of the more than 50 quarries that we partner with.  These quarries are scattered all over the Northern Tier of PA and the Southern Tier of NY.  We source from so many quarries because the color and quality of the stone being produced at each quarry varies layer by layer.  We travel to whichever quarry is currently producing the exact style of bluestone that matches our customers's needs.  From the quarry to you!

Custom Orders

Please contact us if you have something specific that you are looking for that you aren't seeing.  If it's out there, we can find it for you